2 Competitions

2.1 Informal Competitions

Informal Competitions are intended as an enjoyable learning environment where members may receive feedback on their images. They offer an introduction to competitions for less experienced members and members who wish to “push the boundaries” or try something out of the ordinary.

Some of these competitions may be judged by individual members of the society with experience of judging, others by the audience. Images in some of the competitions may only be commented upon rather than scored.

Any image entered into an Informal Competition may be entered subsequently into any of the other competitions whether or not the image has been changed,

There will be no certificates or awards for these competitions.

2.2 Cumulative Print and DPI Competitions

There are three open Cumulative Print Competitions and three open Cumulative DPI Competitions during the season which are held on alternate months.

The entries to these competitions may be colour or monochrome

Up to two images may be entered for each competition. After the Judge selects the first 3 entries and any Highly commended or Commended, scores will be awarded as follows

1st =20 points, 2nd = 19 points, 3rd = 18 points, Highly Commended= 17 points, Commended = 16 points all other entries will be awarded 15 points

The two best scores per author for each competition will be accumulated across the season. (This is not necessarily the same as their eight highest scores.)

At the end of the season a trophy will be awarded to the authors (Print & DPI) with the highest cumulative scores.

Any image entered into a Cumulative Competition may be entered subsequently into an Annual Competition whether or not the image has been changed.

2.3 Annual Competitions

The Annual competitions are run towards the end of the season and comprise Colour Print, Monochrome Print, Colour DPI and Monochrome DPI. Each competition is divided into subject classes as described in section 1.7.

The rules for all four annual competitions are the same.

A maximum of four images may be entered in each of the competitions.

Within this limit, a maximum of two images may be entered in any one class.

The same image may not be entered in both Print and DPI competitions.

The same image may not be entered in both colour and monochrome competitions.

The judge will select a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed image for each class and may award Highly Commended or Commended at their discretion.

The judge will then select the Print/DPI of the Year from the four class-winning images.

Finally, the judge will select the best Print/DPI landscape image from the winning colour and monochrome landscape images from both Tier 1 and Tier 2. These four images will go forward to compete for the Dave Alden Landscape Shield.