New Members

If you would like to join Wymondham Photographic Society, the best way is to have a chat with our Membership Secretary, and come along to a meeting and see what we’re all about. If you have any questions specific to membership you can email them to our Membership Secretary or just ask when you come along. It won’t cost you anything to come to a meeting, our subscriptions are on a yearly basis and would apply when you decide to join, so as a visitor coming along for the first time you will not pay any fee. You might be offered the “opportunity” to enter the raffle though, our raffle master is curiously persuasive… but the prizes are good.

When you come along to a meeting for the first time, please let somebody know that you’re there for the Photographic Society, our meeting venue is located in the Wymondham Dell Bowls club who often have visiting bowling teams attending, so there are frequently unknown faces at the bar. Let someone from the Society know it’s your first time at the club, and we’ll look after you.

At the meeting, if something seems confusing or you’d like to know more about a particular subject, please ask! Helping each other get the most from Photography and to inspire and encourage each other is the point of the Society. Naturally many members have known each other for some time and that friendship and rapport allows us to launch into discussions with each other on topics we’ve discussed before, which as a new member you may not (at least, not yet!) be familiar with. Don’t be shy! You will not find members of this club withholding information, we’ll gladly share all the secrets and techniques we’ve learned and hopefully you’ll go home laden with information, ideas and enthusiasm for Photography.

We look forward to seeing you at a meeting.