Q?I’m thinking of joining a camera club, can I come along to one of your meetings?

Yes! If you’re looking to get more from your photography and join a club to meet like minded people, please do come along. Check our event calendar and come along to a meeting (directions) and see what we’re about. It won’t cost you anything and hopefully you’ll enjoy yourself so much you’ll decide to stay. All we ask is that you let somebody from the committee know you’re there and it’s your first time visiting the club, and we’ll look after you. This way we can have somebody introduce you to people, let you know what’s going on and answer any questions you may have. You can also email our membership secretary with any questions you may have, at membership@wymondham-ps.org.uk

Q?Can I subscribe to the club’s calendar with my calendar program?

Yes, Wymondham Photographic Society maintains a Google Calendar of club events which you can subscribe to with any calendar program compatible with the common “iCal” format ( Google Calendars, Windows Live Mail, Apple iCal etc. ).

The address to subscribe to : https://www.google.com/calendar/ical/webmaster%40wymondham-ps.org.uk/public/basic.ics

This will add the club’s events to your own calendar on your computer or smartphone and your calendar program should update the events with any changes automatically, so you’ll always have the latest version of club events.

Q?Can I get the Society’s news as an RSS newsfeed?

Yes, you can add the WPS newsfeed to your favourite newsreader/web-browser using the following address :


Q?How often do you meet?

WPS have meetings weekly on a Tuesday from 8-10pm throughout our season, which runs from September to June. If the meeting coincides with a holiday or event, such as Christmas, New Year, etc, there may be no meeting that week, but generally there is a meeting most weeks. The Club’s programme is published well in advance so you can always see what is coming up.

Q?Do I need to have a big fancy camera to participate?

No! We do not discriminate based upon photographic equipment! These are tools to make a photograph with, whether it be the latest state-of-the-art DSLR, a regular digicam, a smartphone camera or a half-plate film camera, it’s the image that counts.

Q?Can you help me understand my camera?

Yes, we have many members with a great deal of expertise who are always happy to offer friendly advice and tips. We are continually improving our photographic knowledge and have a dedicated member who manages a Continuous Improvement programme, and arranges one to one or group discussion to meet any ongoing areas that are of concern, whether for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels of expertise.

Q?Why are you called a Photographic Society and not a Camera Club? Isn’t that a bit pretentious?

Believe it or not we’ve been asked this quite a lot over the years we’ve been running, the answer remains the same. We call ourselves a Photographic Society because it most accurately reflects what we do. For us, it’s about the image more than the tools, we spend the majority of our time concentrating on photographs, rather than cameras.