Affinity Photo

Open the photo in Affinity Photo.

Adding the Metadata

Locate the EXIF tab in the Studio panels and click it. (If its missing go to View/Studio and tick it.) Scroll down and type your name and the photo’s title into the Description box. If the image is intended for an Annual competition or other competition with categories, add the category for your image (Landscape, Portrait, Natural History or Pictorial & General).

Note – the information in the EXIF box may be used by the Competition Secretary at a later date. The details needed for internal competitions are collected when photographs are uploaded using PhotoEntry.

Resizing the Image

Resizing the Image – –go to the Document menu and select Resize Document. Make sure the padlock is closed to the constrain proportions. Select Bicubic from the Resample menu. Ensure the Resample option is selected. In the Sizes part at the top of the dialog, follow the ABC rules to set the scaling. If you enter one dimension, it will automatically choose the other one for you, so you can easily decide without committing to anything. When ready, click Resize to scale the image.

Exporting (Saving) the Image and setting the Colour Space

Go to the File menu and select Export. Select JPEG and the More option. In the Export Settings select the JPEG Best quality Preset and Bicubic Resampler. From the ICC Profile drop down menu select sRGBIEC61966-2.1 profile. Ensure Embed ICC profile and Embed metadata boxes are ticked. Click Close.

Click Export and select where the file should be stored.