Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m thinking of joining a camera club, can I come along to one of your meetings?

A. Yes! You would be most welcome. For more information see the ‘new members’ section of this menu.


Q. Can I subscribe to the club’s calendar with my calendar program?

A. Yes, Wymondham Photographic Society (WPS) has a Google Calendar of club events. You can subscribe to this with any calendar program compatible with the common “iCal” format (Google Calendars, Windows Live Mail, Apple iCal etc.).


Q. Do I need to have an expensive camera to participate?

A. No! Members use all sorts of cameras. Cameras are just tools to make photographs.


Q. Can you help me understand my camera?

A. Yes, we have many knowledgeable members who would be most willing to answer your questions.

We also have a Continuous Improvement programme when a club member will explain a specific aspect of photography.


Q. Why are you called a Photographic Society and not a Camera Club?

A. We call ourselves a Photographic Society because it reflects what we are. For us, it’s about the image rather than the camera.