Preparing Images for Competitions. Why is this necessary?

By setting correctly the image size and other parameters your images will be displayed without modification and as you intend. These instructions describe how to make your images ready for display by the WPS projector (DPI’s and Prints).


Some Terms

Image Resolution and Size – the projector can display a maximum of 1920 pixels horizontally by 1200 pixels vertically. If your image is either of this size or smaller the projector will not attempt to resize the image.

File type – for competitions images must be in .jpeg file format

Colour Space – the range of colours that the projector can display is named sRGBIEC61966-2.1. The colour space of your image should be set to match.

Bicubic – the recommended method by which images are re-sized.

Metadata or EXIF – part of the image file where the image’s title and the name of the photographer can be stored.

Competition Tiers – for an explanation of the Tier system that operates during WPS competitions see section 1.3 of the WPS Competition Rules