Prints Competitions

To enter a Print competition a similar .jpg file of the image must be uploaded using PhotoEntry, so that a score sheet can be printed off , and the .jpg files used for the website for the winning images.
NB. The judge will only assess the mounted print, not the .jpg image as this is projected for the audience only.

Prints should be delivered before 19:45 on the night of the competition unless alternative arrangements have been made.

The longest side of a print (actual image area) must be no less than 20 cm (8 inches).

Mounts (methods of mounting images vary, if in doubt ask the Competition secretary).

Prints must be mounted, but not be framed or glazed and the style of mount is unrestricted.
It is strongly recommend that the size of the mount should be the ‘standard’ (40 cm x 50 cm) as entries not in standard sized mounts are usually not accepted for external (e.g. RPS and PAGB) exhibitions or competitions.
The back of the mount must be free from loose or rucked sticky tape to prevent damage to other prints. ‘Dangerous’ prints will not be accepted for entry into a WPS competition. (Masking tape is NOT suitable for securing a print to its mount. It is designed to be removable and becomes easily unstuck.)

The author’s name must not appear in the image or on the front of the mount.


Cumulative competitions –  prints must be labelled on the back with the following:
Member number,
Tier 1 or 2,
Image title,
Name of Competition. (Open Print 1 to 4),
Date of the competition.

Annual and Informal competitions – prints must be labelled on the backwith the following:
Member number,
Tier 1 or 2,
Image title,
Name or theme of competition,
Section –If Appropriate (Monochrome or Colour),
Class – if appropriate (Portrait, Landscape, Natural or Pictorial & General),
Date of the competition

The required details may be written clearly on the back of the mount, on a self-adhesive label, or they can be word processed, printed on plain paper and attached to the back of the print using Pritt Stick or similar, providing that the glue does not extend beyond the label. No sticky tape please.