Using PhotoEntry to enter Competitions

PhotoEntry provides a secure method of uploading images that the Competition Secretary can manage and download. PhotoEntry is used by a number of clubs, has been thoroughly tested, found secure, and is backed up off site.

Entries to all formal competitions (Print and DPI) must be made via the PhotoEntry website

Shortly after joining WPS you should receive a PhotoEntry User ID and initial password by email. If you have not received them contact either the Competition Secretary or the Membership Secretary. Change the password to one of your own choice on first logging on to the site.

Each competition is set up on the website in advance and the user can see all competitions that are open and they are eligible to enter. Entries can be made at any point until the entries are closed, which will usually be midnight on the Sunday before the competition, unless otherwise advised.

The PhotoEntry website provides instructions on uploading .jpg file and titles.

The website will check that a DPI file meets the club’s competition requirements.

To enter a Print competition a similar .jpg file must be uploaded using PhotoEntry. This is so that a score sheet can be printed off and the .jpg files can be used for the website after the competition.

After a competition is judged the user can see their own scores on the PhotoEntry site and all scores on the WPS website.

If there are any issues please contact the Competition Secretary.