Adobe Lightroom

In Lightroom, go to the Library module and select your image.

Adding the Metadata

In the tool bar on the right-hand side, scroll all the way down to the “Metadata” section. In the “Title” box, add the title for your image. In the “Creator” box, add your name, do not include your membership number or any titles or distinctions, just your name. If the image is intended for an Annual competition or other competition with categories, in the “Caption” box, you should add the category for your image (Landscape, Portrait, Nature or Pictorial & General), although this is not required for Open competitions.

Exporting (Saving) the Image

Now go to the File menu and select Export. From the dialog box, choose where you want to save the image, then what to call it.

File Type and Colour Space

In the “File Settings” section you should choose “JPEG” and “sRGB” for Colour Space. Quality should be quite high, as a general rule 70 is a good sweet spot, but 100 is fine for competitions as the projection software can handle the extra file size.

Image Size

In the “Image Sizing” section check the “Resize To Fit” button and select “Width & Height” from the box, then enter 1920 x 1200 pixels in the other boxes. This will automatically decide for you which way to scale the image to fit inside the projector’s resolution. The “Resolution” box doesn’t matter.


In the “Output Sharpening” section, check the “Sharpen For” box and select “Screen” from the drop-down box. Set the Amount according to taste, “Standard” is the default, “High” is usually ok unless the image has already been sharpened strongly.


In the Metadata section make sure “Minimize Embedded Metadata” is NOT selected.


If you like you could now save all these settings as a pre-set to reuse by clicking the “Add” button on the left panel and giving the pre-set a name like “WPS Projection Images” or something of that ilk.

Now you’re ready to export, so click the Export button and you’re done!