Adobe Photoshop Elements

With your image open in Elements…

Adding the Metadata

From the File menu, select “File Info“. On the Description tab, enter the title of your image into “Document Title“. Enter your name in the “Author” box. Do not include your membership number or any titles or distinctions; just your name. If the image is intended for an Annual competition or other competition with categories, you should add the category for your image (Landscape, Portrait, Natural History or Pictorial & General) in the “Description” box. This is not required for Open competitions. Select OK to continue.

Resizing the Image

Go to the Image menu and select “Resize and then “Image Size“. Make sure the “Constrain Proportions” and “Resample Image” checkboxes are selected, and select “Bicubic Sharper” if available, otherwise the default “Bicubic” is fine. In the “Pixel Dimensions” part at the top of the dialog, follow the ABC rules (at the beginning of these instructions) to work out the scaling. If you enter one dimension, it will automatically choose the other one for you, so you can easily decide without committing to anything. When ready, click OK to scale the image.

Setting the Colour Space

From the Image menu, select “Convert Colour Profile” and then “Convert to sRGB Profile“. What this does is to convert the image to the sRGB colour space which is the default for the Web and for many online printing companies, so if you’ve ever posted an image online or had it printed and the colours came out funny, it’s likely because this step wasn’t done.

From the Image menu, under Mode, the “8 Bits/Channel” setting should be selected, and “RGB Colour” (optionally Grayscale, but RGB works even for B&W). If the 8 Bit option is not selectable, it’s because you’re already in this mode.

Exporting (Saving) the Image

From the File menu, select “Save As” and choose where to save your image and what to call it. Select JPEG as the format and tick the option to embed the colour profile (which should be sRGB IEC61966-2.1). When you click SAVE you’re presented with another dialog, choose “Baseline” as the format options, and choose the quality setting, 7 is a sweet spot, 10 is ok for our competitions as the projection software can handle the large file size. Click OK and you’re done!