WPS Competition – an introduction

Please read the rules carefully as these describe how we run WPS competitions. We ask all members of WPS to act ‘in the spirit of the club’ when entering their work but if you have any doubts about the suitability of an image, please consult with the Competition Secretary.

1.General rules –  covers the rules that apply to all the competitions.

2.Competition Type –  describes the three types of competition organised by the club which are: Informal, Cumulative and Annual.

3.Awards –  Covers the awards (cups and certificates) for the competitions.


Note 1: In the past, we have used Digital Projected Images (DPI) and Projected Digital Images (PDI) to mean the same thing. We will use the abbreviated DPI in the future throughout this document.

Note 2: In this document, the word “image” refers to both Prints and DPIs.